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Model SL426

  • Combi unit, automatic and manual wash of waterborne and solventbased paint
  • Automatic vapour exhaustion from work area
  • Water zone
    Venturi pump for washing with recirculating liquid
    Nebulizer for final rinse with clean water
    Air gun for final drying
    Water/paint separation kit included

    Solvent zone
    Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating thinner
    Mechanical block of the lid of automatic washing during cleaning cycle
    Venturi pump feeding clean thinner
    Nebulizer for final rinse with clean thinner

  • Color tests allowed
  • 100% Stainless steel
  • ATEX II 2G

Technical data

  • Weight: Kg 107
  • Dimensions: mm 990 x 690 x 1490 h
  • Tank capacity for water: L 50
  • Exhaust duct diameter: mm 150
  • Operation: Pneumatic
  • Air pressure: min 6 – max 10 bar
  • Number of spray-gun per washing cycle: n°2